Wild Birds Love Our Tree Bird Super Suet

Super Suet Really Is Super

Tree Bird Feeder Suet Cores

Our Tree Bird Super Suet really is Super.  You'll biggest complain is that how fast the birds will eat it.  Check out our comparisons of our Super Suet to other brands in our field test below. 

Quality Bird Feed

Wild Bird Suet

Tree Bird Super Suet is packed with protein and fat that birds need to survive along with other things that wild birds find irresistible such as thistle seed, sunflower seed, mealworms and much more.  

Comes In 1 lb Cakes

Red Bellied Woodpeckers Love Tree Bird Super Suet

Tree Bird Super Suet comes in 1 lb cakes that can be feed in a suet cage or used to fill the syringe in putting suet in the cores of the Tree Bird Feeder Trunks and limbs. 

Take A Look At Our Super Suet vs Other Brands

Tree Bird Super Suet vs Store Bought Suet (pdf)


Tree Bird Super Suet Comparison vs Premium Store Bought Suet (pdf)


Wildflower Suet

Tree Bird Feeders Wildflower Suet provides not only a great way to feed wild birds but it also helps to spread native wildflowers in your area.  Wildflower seeds have been a staple in the diet of many native wild birds for a long time. Mother nature has utilized birds to spread seeds since the beginning.. Birds eat the seeds and not all ore digested and are passed out along with their droppings. The fecal material gives seeds a small dose of fertilizer. High in nitrogen, the excrement can help fuel the development of foliage in the young plants.

Wild birds find our Tree Bird Super Suet  irresistible!