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The Tree Bird Feeder

The Tree Bird Feeder  is our feature bird feeder.  It has a natural look and is a versatile bird feeder.  This bird feeder will attract a wide variety of wild birds.  It is hand crafted in the USA and built to last.  When you purchase your new Tree Bird Feeder you'll love our Handshake Deal. 

The Tree Bird Feeder is made of natural cedar.  It is a very environmentally friendly and adds natural beauty to any bird feeding station. 

Features of the Tree Bird Feeder:

  • A top tray feeder which attracts Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, and Titmice
  • Two fruit spikes that attract Orioles, Chickadees, & Waxwings.
  • Removable cups where jelly, mealworms, suet, nest material or whatever you want to offer can be placed. Jelly can attract Orioles and mealworms can attract Bluebirds, Buntings, Flycatchers, and Titmice. 
  • Four suet tubes on the vertical portion of the trunk.  Tree Bird Suet  can be placed in these tubes or other suet if you choose.   Suet attracts Woodpeckers, Wrens, Warblers, Nuthatches, and Flickers.
  • A large wire feeder for larger seeds such as black oil sunflower that attracts a wide variety of birds.
  • A small wire feeder for seed such as thistle or sunflower chips that attracts Finches, Redpolls, and Siskins.
  • The exterior of the bird feeder is treated with a non-toxic exterior epoxy that provide protection from moisture which will ensure a long life for your feeder.

And of course it comes with our Handshake Deal.  Also remember that 10% of your purchases at Tree Bird Feeders LLC goes to our Feeder Grant Program

Tree Bird Feeder CAM

Check out this great video footage of the Tree Bird Feeder in action.  This feeder will attract the widest variety of wild birds as any bird feeder on the market.  It is small and easy to handle and its natural look will look great anywhere.  It truly is one of the most unique bird feeders available.  

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