The Mission of Tree Bird Feeders, LLC

The mission of Tree Bird Feeders LLC is to produce and distribute quality hand crafted bird feeders with a natural look that will allow our partners to engage the natural world through wild birds. 

  • The Name:  The Tree Bird Feeder is designed to mimic the look and feel of a tree and function as a bird feeder. 

  • Great Quality:  Our objective is to make quality wild bird feeders that will last for many years.

  • Hand Crafted:  Tree Bird Feeders are individually hand crafted at a small business in the USA.

  • A Natural Look:  The exterior of the Tree Bird Feeder is all natural cedar wood.  

  • Our Partners:  When you purchase a Tree Bird Feeder we consider you not just a customer but a partner.  

Our Patron is Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis Preaches to the Birds

Francis and some monks were traveling in the Spoleto Valley in Italy, when Francis noticed a  flock of birds in some trees. Inspired by the Holy Spirit he decided to preach about God's love. Francis began an impromptu sermon:

"My sweet little sisters, birds of the sky," Francis said, "you are bound to heaven, to God, your Creator. In every beat of your wings and every note of your songs, praise him. He has given you the greatest of gifts, the freedom of the air. You neither sow, nor reap, yet God provides for you the most delicious food, rivers, and lakes to quench your thirst, mountains, and valleys for your home, tall trees to build your nests, and the most beautiful clothing: a change of feathers with every season. You and your kind were preserved in Noah's Ark. Clearly, our Creator loves you dearly, since he gives you gifts so abundantly. So please beware, my little sisters, of the sin of ingratitude, & always sing praise to God."

The monks who recorded Francis' sermon to the birds wrote that the birds listened intently to everything Francis had to say.

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