Oriole Trunk

The Tree Bird Feeder Oriole Trunk is the most unique Oriole Feeder on the market.  It offers two jelly cups, two fruit spikes and two ports for nectar.  As you can see from the video this feeder will bring in the Orioles.  It comes with a lifetime replacement program too! 

Tree Bird Oriole Feeder

The Tree Bird Oriole Feeder Trunk is the  most beautiful Oriole feeder on the market.  It offers everything an Oriole wants for its food source.  If you are an Oriole enthusiast you must have this the ultimate Oriole Feeder at your bird feeding station.  It is easy to clean and looks very natural.  It is made of cedar treated with an exterior grade UV protectant non-toxic epoxy.  

Tree Bird Oriole feeder

Quality Hand Crafted Wood


The Tree Bird Oriole Feeder is encased in a cedar outer shell.  This shell has been treated with exterior epoxy which helps to protect the wood.  

Oriole Nectar


Orioles love nectar and the Tree Bird Oriole Feeder has two nectar ports with perches for Orioles.  Its orange color helps to attract orioles. 

Jelly Cup


If you're wanting to consistently attract orioles, jelly is a must have.  The Tree Bird Oriole Feeder has two cups for jelly.  The cups are easy to remove and clean.

Fruit Spikes


Orioles love oranges and other fruit.  There are two fruit spikes on the Oriole Trunk to provide oranges and other fruits to your orioles.  



You'll often see many other birds using the Oriole Trunk though Orioles will be the most frequent visitors. 

Easy To Clean


With internal plastic parts, plastic jelly cups and the wood exterior treated with a non-toxic exterior epoxy the Oriole Trunk is very easy to clean and will last many years with proper maintenance and cleaning. 

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