Hand CRAftED Quality Wild Bird Feeders

Why Your Next Hummingbird Feeder Should Be A Tree Bird Hummingbird Nectar Trunk

  • Feeder Specifications-  With a twenty four ounce capacity and four nectar ports you will get plenty of hummingbird action without frequent refills.  

  • A Unique Feeder- The Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk is beautifully unique with its own personality brought to life by the grain of the wood.  It offers a natural look and ambiance that other feeders just can't match. 

  • Built with Quality Craftsmanship-  The Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk is the only hummingbird feeder that is handcrafted out of beautiful cedar wood right here in the USA & comes with a one-of-a-kind Lifetime Replacement Program. 

  • Always Fresh Nectar- The insulated storage in the Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk will ensure fresh nectar for your hummingbirds when other feeders have long spoiled in the direct summer heat.  

  • Easy to Clean- I've designed the Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk with ease of maintenance in mind.  It is a breeze to clean inside & out with the smooth internal PVC and the external wood shell protected with a non-toxic UV protectant exterior epoxy. 

  • American Made- The Hummingbird Feeder Trunk is handcrafted by a SMALL VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS right here in the USA.   

  • A+ Customer Support- My contact information is at the bottom of every page on the website, you can contact me directly with any questions.  I have no contracted call centers, Artificial Intelegence chat bots, or automated systems answering your questions.  Your customer support will be coming from me directly.  

  • Honest Pricing- You will not be surprised with an outlandish amount for shipping when checking out. Your feeder will ship for a flat fee, no surprises.

  • Enriching Others Lives- A portion of your purchase will go towards our Feeder Grant Program to enhance the lives of the elderly and young through feeding and observing wild birds.   

Get your hummingbird feeder now & become a part of the Tree Bird Feeders family!

The diagram below demonstrates  how the Hummingbird Nectar Trunk works and what sets it apart from commercially made hummingbird feeders. 


Fresh Nectar

Hummingbird Nectar

The Nectar Says It All

Fresh healthy nectar is so important to hummingbirds that we should do all we can to make sure we are feeding fresh quality nectar.  

The photo to the left is three day old nectar from a Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk (right glass) and a regular glass feeder (left glass).  Notice how much clearer and cleaner the nectar is from the Tree  Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk while the nectar from the glass feeder is already cloudy with mold spores growing.  The nectar is truly a difference maker between the Tree Bird Hummingbird Feeder Trunk and glass or plastic Hummingbird Feeders.