Birds, Ants, and Bees

Tree Bird Feeders Ant Repellant is made to prevent ants from getting to your feeder.   The video shows an ant inside a small bowl in which the rim is covered with our Ant Repellant.  This stuff Works! 

Tree Bird Feeders Organic Ant Repellant

When feeding nectar and jelly, it is just a matter of time until some curious ant finds your feeder.  Then he heads back to his home to rat you out.  Soon after he returns with a lot of his friends. 

 Tree Bird Feeders Ant Repellant is made with eco-friendly essential oils that ants hate.  Notice in the video how often our little friend stopped to clean himself.  We eventually let him go so no ants were harmed in making that video. 

Be-gone Bee Repellant

Our Bee Repellant is made of a mix of essential oils that Bees do not like.  It does not bother your birds at all.  You can spray it on your nectar feeders and by the feeding ports.  It can even be sprayed right on the jelly in an Oriole Feeder.  You may still get an occasional bee but this will keep them from swarming your feeder.  It also needs to be retreated daily if you are having bee problems.